The “What We Do” Campaign

One of the hardest questions to answer is: What does Grover Web Design do?

The quick, easy, and extremely vague answer is that we solve problems with the web. When Grover Web Design first starts a relationship off with a new customer, it's a courtship where we feel each other out and see how we are going to work together. We learn about our customer's problems and start proving our worth as soon as possible.

All of our current clients know what I am talking about, which is great! But, to convey this message to you new customers, we came up with our "What We Do" campaign. I hate the old method of sales where you tell customers what they need and why they need it. Our "What We Do" campaign is going to show you a little glimpse of how we work with our customers and some of the problems we have solved for them.

Check out some of the examples we have already launched and stay tuned for more. We are really excited to display some of the awesome solutions we have developed for our clients.