You Have Content, So Show It Off!!!

The content on your site is king. If you don’t have good content then people will not come to your site. The definition of content is different for every web site. A realtor’s content is great property listings or invaluable real estate advice. For an editorial website content is hot topic articles with vivid pictures. The list could go on, bottom line is that you need great content… then you need to present it well. A content slider or widget is the best way to show your content and make your website come alive.

Content sliders show all your top content while saving valuable space on your website. A website is just like a newspaper, all the most important information is on the “top-fold”. Adding a content slider or widget to your website can add valuable “top-fold” space to your website!

Enough talk, lets take a look at some examples of content sliders implemented by Grover Web Design:

  1. Grover Web Design Homepage – Of course we are going to put ourselves first!
  2. Frank Celeste Real Estate – Great widget that shows of Frank’s top property listings
  3. Jack of All Thoughts – This flashy content slider shows off Jacks most recent articles and lets the user scroll through them to see what Jack is all about
  4. Grover Web Design More Examples – Yet another one from our site, had to put it on here because it is cool!

Thanks for taking the time to learn about how to show off your content, if you need help let us know!