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ABA Management Software

Our ABA Management Software was specifically built to work with the complex requirements of the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (DDSN). We worked very closely with Palmetto Autism Interventions to make sure the software would work seamlessly with how ABA providers do business and the strict requirements of DDSN.

Software Highlights:

  • 100% web based and mobile friendly
  • Each case has a custom interface showing:
    • Assigned Consultant, Lead, and Line(s)
    • Current payment type for this child
    • Description area for general information about the child
    • Table of recent visits showing employee, date, time in, time out, type of service, and total time
    • Comment section so Consultants, Leads, and Lines can keep track of significant events
    • Export Weekly and Monthly EIBI reports (properly DDSN formatted)
  • Leads, Lines, and Consultants enter time and service type from their phone right after each session
  • Each employee has a custom caseload based on their assigned children
  • "Other" time entry interface for paid meetings that are not reimbursed by DDSN
  • Automated billing reports for easy entry into DDSN system
  • Automated payroll reports for CSV upload to accounting software
  • Supported payment methods:
    • DDSN PDD
    • DDSN State Funded
    • BabyNet
    • Private Pay
    • and many more
  • Service types:
    • Consult Onsite
    • Consult Offsite
    • Lead Onsite
    • Lead Offsite
    • Line 2 Onsite
    • Line 1 Onsite
    • Train
    • Team Meeting
    • Initial Workshop
    • PD&T Meeting
    • Initial/Annual Assessment
    • 6-month Assessment

As with all of our software, we custom build websites to work with a company instead of making a company change the way they work to fit the software! That being said, just contact us and let us know what your needs are. We provide past examples of software that we've built as a guide to what we can do for you. If you are running an ABA program and need help, let's talk!

For more examples, check out our Custom Web Development page or learn about our product CustomCRM.

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