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Custom Web Application Development for Less than Most ERP or CRM Systems

What if you could replace the expensive and complicated software you’re using to run your business, with a custom web application developed just for you, with a price tag that was well within your current budget?

At Grover Web Design we build websites, custom portals, custom CRMs, custom ERP systems, web/native apps, mobile apps, and other web based software for our clients. Each of our custom web application projects are tackled by a tight team of 3-5 highly-skilled developers to keep our operations focused and efficient.

We understand that your business is unique. We build custom web application solutions that align perfectly with the way our clients do business. Our method is directly opposed to big box software companies who force a business to change their processes in order to work with their one-size-fits-all software. We find out what you need, then we create a custom application with those needs specifically in mind.

We work with companies of all sizes, types and industries, to build a strong foundation from which they can grow their business. Our clients include:


“In addition to the efficiencies we gained, this portal built by Grover Web Design is estimated to save our company $150,000 in licensing fees over the next three years and can be integrated into other business processes.”

- Mason Holly, CFO

Southland Log Homes

What can be done with Custom WordPress Development?

Custom CRM System

A nationally known home builder contacted GWD because their CRM platform was going to cost $80k to upgrade to the latest desktop operating system. Their existing platform was purchased software that forced the company to change their internal processes to fit its pre-defined workflow. We built a 100% custom CRM platform that works exactly as they need. Since developing this custom CRM, we have successfully deployed numerous projects that increased and expanded this custom CRM. They call it "the portal" because it is an integral part of their business that their 50+ employees utilize throughout the day.

Our proven track record of successfully eliminating big box software includes replacing SalesForce with a custom CRM for Cox Industries. They now run their business operations on fleetCRM, available as a native iOS app or browser based webapp. On this project we dramatically reduced the company's yearly licensing fees from $80,000 to $12,000.

We also replaced Oracle’s CRM, Siebel, with a custom CRM portal for Southland Log Homes. This project saved the company $150,000 in licensing fees over three years, and gave them the flexibility to change their process as their business evolves.

Both of these companies were using their expensive big box software for over 5 years and made a smooth transition to their new platforms.

If the process of your current business workflow is taking more time than it should, your company could benefit from the integrations and custom programming that Grover Web Design can provide.

WordPress Employee Portal

Built an employee portal into the website where they could deliver proprietary educational content and news to their employees.

Integration with other Mission Critical Apps

Two-way integration with SalesForce
Integration with ERP database for direct online ordering

Mission Critical Business Tasks

Receipt collection portal
Virtual shipping boards
Virtual mapping tool to track railcar locations

Custom ERP

We built a very intricate web portal that is essentially an ERP platform that is the heart of a non-hazardous waste disposal company’s business. The base of this platform is WordPress, coupled with our WordPress Enterprise Framework (WEF). WEF is a framework that we developed to give WordPress functionality to build programs beyond the standard website.

Advanced Reporting Examples

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Time Management Portal

Here is an example of a portal that we built for a company who has 160 employees out in the field, this portal is their primary tool used to track, schedule, and communicate their work.

Custom Website Development Package

State-of-the-Art Custom Website Development

Our custom Website Development package will include all of the important aspects needed to have a productive, modern web presence. For example:

  • WordPress framework, constantly updates with best practices of the internet
  • Mobile friendly (responsive) website
  • Fast page load times
  • Easily editable content by non-technical employees and training for them
  • Scalability, can build custom business functions into website
  • Updated design, create design with a UX (user experience) focus
  • Analytics Tracking, track and monitor visitors to optimize site and marketing efforts

Monthly Service & Support

So that your website will be reliable, secure and can continue to grow and develop as your business changes, our professional WordPress website development packages include monthly services like:

  • Premium WP hosting
  • Website Security scanning and maintenance
  • Access to premium WordPress plug-ins
  • Up to 200k page views per month
  • MySQL databases
  • Nightly incremental backup
  • Version control
  • Basic server maintenance
  • Unlimited updates to website
  • Dedicated mail server
  • 1-2 hours of development/design per month

Let us create a custom web solution for you!

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