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A Simple & Customizable Contact Relationship Management (CRM) System

CustomCRM was born from over 15 years of consulting experience supporting companies who used big box CRM software.


For one client, I was doing $30,000-40,000/year in custom development work on top of their $120,000/year licence fee to SalesForce. It was insanity!


To add insult to injury, they were only using about 5% of the tools that SalesForce offered. I proposed that we build them a custom CRM system. So, for less than 1 year of SalesForce licensing fees they had a simple CRM system that did exactly what they needed.

Another egregious example was a client who had Oracle’s Siebel CRM. It was 2014 and Oracle was forcing all of their customers to upgrade to the Windows 10 version of Siebel, the price tag to upgrade was $150,000. JUST TO UPGRADE! Oracle was so nice that they offered my (soon to be) client 3 year payment terms. So, they could pay $50,000/year for three years!


It was easy to highlight the benefits and cost savings to this client, we built them a system that worked exactly as their business needed. No more changing up business processes to work within Siebel’s constraints. We customized their system to work seamlessly with the business.

Do you have a similar nightmare? Let's chat about it!

The above examples show how great CustomCRM is for companies with over 150 employees and who were already paying six figures per year for software.

But, smaller companies should not shy away from CustomCRM. It is affordable and easy to integrated into your current business workflow.

We've seen great benefits to our clients in the less than 20 employee range, who previously thought they couldn't afford a CRM system. They have their own unique way of doing business and more than anyone need a CRM system to track business and customer data.

CustomCRM - Product Overview

CustomCRM is an extremely simple and inexpensive CRM system that can be used as is. Additionally, it is very easy for us to build custom functions for our clients.

In this section, I will show you the standard objects included with CustomCRM, various ways to access the app, provide a couple examples of customizations, and then some other random things you should know about CustomCRM.

Objects Included In CustomCRM

Remember, I managed big box CRM software for companies for a long time and I know what tools they used and which they didn’t. I know what objects were important and what where just “sales points” for a big box CRM software. So, CustomCRM comes standard with the 4 most important objects that I’ve seen companies actually use in their CRM software: 


The heart of any CRM system is the contacts. Enter your customers into the system as a “contact”. CustomCRM makes it easy to add a contact with all the pertinent information like contact info, description, company, and anything else you want to track. Remember, it’s easy for us to add a specific field that is important to your business.


To do business and make money you and your colleagues need to take action! We make it easy to create a task, associated it with a contact, and set a reminder for the task. You can even create tasks for other users!


Keeping notes are vital to building a relationship with your customer and being able to do more business. In CustomCRM, you can add a note right from a contact. The note will be associated with that contact and time stamped accordingly. Our motto is If it’s easy they will do it, if it’s hard they will not!


Accountability is key, we give users the option to set a reminder on any object. It can be an arbitrary reminder about anything or directly associated with a contact/ToDo/Note.

Don't take our word for it, try out CustomCRM yourself. We have a free, self use demo. Contact us to get immediate access.


Ways to Access CustomCRM

You can access CustomCRM from any device with a browser, plus we can create a native application instance of CustomCRM for your company!

Web App

By default, CustomCRM is a web app. This means that you can access it from a browser on any device. No matter if you are using a giant TV or your phone, CustomCRM is built to respond to the device and provide you with a great experience.


Native iOS Application: CustomCRM can be packaged up as a private "Enterprise Distribution Application" for Apple devices.


Native Android Application: Also, CustomCRM can be packaged up as an android application.


Examples of Customizations

Advanced Reporting

Out of the box we have a flexible "Activity Report" that allows you to keep an eye on all users and their activities. One client wanted to expand upon this by adding a custom report that is emailed out each week to the management team. This report provides an overview of the amount of work each member of the sales team did that week.

Mass Emails

Another one of our clients has very time sensitive sales and wanted the ability to send out quick mass email notifications to segments of their contacts. In real-time, they can select a group of contacts filterable by contact type, location, and a variety of other data points, then blast out an email to all of them.

Manage Donations

A client that we have in the political space needed to track donations. It's required by law to track donations to a campaign. So, we built an easy to use custom object that attached donations to a contact. Then, a custom report was created to send this data to the government.

Let's chat so you can tell us what you need to help your business run more efficiently! 


Other Things to Know About CustomCRM

White Labeling

CustomCRM is your tool, the branding of it is centered around your company. We put your logo at the top and select a color palette based on your company's style.


CustomCRM has its own authentication and management features, but can also use a solution like Active Directory or Okta if that is what your company uses.


CustomCRM can seamlessly integrate with your ERP, Accounting Software, POS system, website, or any existing software you have in place at your company.


Here is what you should do next...

We know that a sales page will never tell you exactly what you need to know, try CustomCRM yourself!

Fill out the contact form below and we will send you a login to the demo version, where you can play around with it and see what you think.

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