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We implement a technical approach to Search Engine Optimization with proven results.

Our Approach

Our technical website performance reports give you an overview of how well your website is performing. Focus is on how well it is performing in the top volume keywords in your industry and how you stack up against your competition for those same keywords. We offer tracking of 20 top keywords and 3 competitors. This will give valuable insight on how well your search visibility is on either a national or local search level.

In the reporting, you will also get an executive high-level summary and details of your analytics related to key metrics such as users, sessions, time on site, bounce rate, and conversions showing the sources of visitors to the website. These metrics are also shown for the top 50 web pages as well showing which pages are driving traffic and providing a good user experience.

SEO page speed scores for how well you are set up for success to rank as high as possible in the search indexes. Allows you to visually see how development changes impact your page performances.

Top Queries that are driving traffic to your website. This is used to see actual queries that customers are using to find you outside of top volume keywords. Gives insight into how to tailor content to match search queries.

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