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A Helping Hand for Client Managed Website: Camden First

Camden First Church is one of our clients from Camden, SC. We wanted to highlight them to show the wide range of services that we provide at Grover Web Design. There are not many industries where the same vendor can custom tailor their services for a large log home manufacturer like Southland Log Homes and a Church from a small town in South Carolina.

Finding a Web Developer/Designer

This is a very important topic! If I wasn't referred to Camden First Church by a mutual friend, they would not have even thought about contacting me. Many small businesses come to our website and see the big companies and instantly leave thinking they cannot afford our services or that they need to go to a smaller company.

We are trying to change the big business persona on our website. Our services are very flexible and usually fit into any budget!

Using this example, the client probably googled around looking for a "fitting" web development company. If you look up web design camden, web developer camden, or any iteration of that you will not end up being successful. You will find a bunch of companies that are targeting you with local SEO or advertising.

Our suggestion is obviously just to use Grover Web Design! 🙂 But, seriously, to find a good web development company, you  should focus on what YOU want. Look up companies to learn what they do, check out their services and portfolio... then, TARGET THEM!

Camden First Church Is Self Managed!

Yes, this website is 100% self managed by David Snodgrass, the pastor at Camden First Church. This is how our business relationship works, it's much different from our business relationship with companies.

Back in 2012, Camden First Church contracted Grover Web Design to build their website. We built them a professional level website, then handle their hosting, backup, and are there for any issues David has managing the site, which are minimal.

Over the past 4 years, David has had to come to us with a couple questions, but nothing that would warrant having to pay additional hours to us.


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