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Simple 2 Click Purchase E-commerce | Drifter Brand


On the Drifter Brand project we hyper focused on less is more.

  • less design to focus more on the products
  • less code to keep the site speed like a rocket ship
  • less logistics to keep Drifter's internal workflow easy to manage
  • less shipping to simplify the buying process

The results are great! Drifter's message comes across in a simple way, while still driving users right to the product to purchase. Drifter has actually sold out of most of their products for now... so I can safely say we did our job!

Simple E-Commerce with Stripe and WooCommerce

We highly suggest the Stripe (credit card processing) and WooCommerce (ecommerce platform) stack to all our clients.

Sometimes, a new client will already have an install of WooCommerce and scoff at Woo. The rebuttal to this is simple, a properly setup WooCommerce installation is a beautiful thing. At Grover Web Design, we have been building WordPress websites for over a decade. We know how to professionally set up WordPress and WooCommerce to have a powerful and easy to manage platform.

Engineering Simple Product Pages

The product pages on are super simple, so simple you would think they are not done. We did market research when building these pages, a lot of thought was put into all that nothingness!

This site's visitors are 80% millennials, 40% mobile, and 16% from Instagram, so we had to get into the head of a millennial flipping around Instagram.

We knew the page had to load super fast because an ecomm website that loads in more than 3 seconds will lose 50% of it's users, but we also knew we didn't want to make the user work hard. We didn't want them to have a cluttered interface or God forbid make them read a bunch of words!

More Than Just Web, Business Consulting

Grover Web Design is more than just web development and design. We have tons of experience working with companies, so we help our clients with business decisions.

The "Free Shipping" icon in the top right of the website is very important. At first, it was "Free Shipping on US Orders Over $99", then they simplified down to "Free Shipping On Orders Over $99".

We didn't like the complexity, we didn't like the fact that our millennial customers would have to think about how much shipping would be since over 90% of customers were just buying 1 hat. After a bit of research and cost analysis calculations, GWD suggested to simplify even more and just go with "Free Shipping", the numbers added up and Drifter is making more money because of this simplified method.

Built on WordPress
Google Apps for Email
Rocket Ship Speed
Stripe Payment Processing
Free Consultation