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Best Email Campaign Tool


I am a big believer in utilizing WordPress plugins and customizing them a bit to become powertools for your business. You need to do it right though. Yeah, anyone could take these concepts and DIY it, but without the guidance of a WordPress expert you will either waste your valuable time wrapping your brain around these technologies or do a half-assed job and not get any benefit out of your new tools.

The latest example of this that my clients have been devouring is the WordPress Newsletter Plugin by tribulant. Mix this great plugin with a custom HTML template and utilizing mailgun as your outbound email server and you have a powertool!

WordPress Newsletter Plugin

This plugin basically replaces the functionality of a service like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, but with a few great bonuses. First off, you do not pay per campaign or email, you just buy the plugin and use it for life. In the long run this saves tons of money.

Also, a huge bonus is that your website and email marketing tools are under the same roof. I have come across many business owners who are going crazy because they have a thousand tools to do a thousand things with a thousand logins… they are going crazy. WordPress newsletters lives right inside your current WordPress website. You can even write blog posts and send them as a newsletter when you publish! This is great because I always tell my clients that everything they need to tell their customers, they should also be telling their potential customers through their website. I could go into a rant about the SEO benefits, but I have already done that before in other articles.

I could go on for days about the ease of use and functionality of the plugin but go check out their site, they do a better job of selling their product that I do: WordPress Newsletter Plugin.

Custom HTML Email

This is the part that stands out from the crowd. People are completely tired of seeing “Constant Contact” or “Mailchimp” powered emails, I don’t think you can get much more Mickey Mouse than comments like that at the bottom of your email. We build you a custom HTML email that mimics the branding of your website. Look at you, aren’t you a professional techie with your own branded email campaign. As always, our email templates are are “responsive”, which means they will look great on a desktop, tablet, or phone.

Check out a couple examples to see what a great html email template should look like:

Custom HTML Email Template Example

Bright Start HTML Email Template

Coxwood HTML Email Template

Coxwood HTML Email Template

Utilizing a Email Server: Mailgun

The worst situation when contacting your customers is not knowing if you went to the SPAM box or not. You do not want to be barricaded in SPAM city, where your emails do not go through. Even when you get out of SPAM city you will always have it in the back of your mind that your emails did not make it and you will turn into a paranoid psycho asking everyone “did you get my email”.

Services like Mailgun or Manderill are grade A, they kick people out that are spamming. So, if they don’t kick you out you can be confident that your emails are being delivered.

Wrapping It Up

Bottom line is that you need to contact your customers, you need to contact your employees, so do it right. Contact us so we can set you up with these powertools and get you running in the right direction in no time.

Thanks for your time,
Donald Grover

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