SEO is/isn’t OAO? Confused much? #OnlineAudienceOptimization #hashtag

This is me by the end of writing this article.

This is me by the end of writing this article.

Right now people are bashing the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization), yeah old school SEO is not good, everyone knows that meta tags and keyword stuffing is bad. So, in an attempt to drive people away from Bad SEO a new acronym has been coined.. OAO (online audience optimization). Yes, the concept of OAO is great, but it is still consists of the same tactics as good SEO/SEM.

One of the key principles of SEO for the past 3-5 years has been to focus on the user not the search engine. Now, people are acting all progressive by doing the same thing and just calling it “OAO”. OK, enough whining out of me, here is the deal on the effective methods used to get people to your site and make your site more successful, call it SEO, SEM, or OAO, I don’t care.

1. Get Started and Be Consistent

I cannot stress how important this step is… just do it. Start talking about your business, post a blog about your business every week. Just do it.. do it.. do it. Don’t even finish reading this article if you have not posted to your blog within a week. I’m serious, you are not ready for any other steps until you start talking about your business/product/industry.

The more people post to their website/blog the more comfortable they will be doing it, thus consistency will go up. This will give Google something to work with, compared to a well optimized site with nothing.

2. Interesting or Useful

If you have not acted upon step one, stop reading, you do not deserve my words of wisdom.

Your site needs to be interesting and/or useful. If you just have a site to show off your products and what you do.. that’s about you.. the internet doesn’t care about you! Focus on the value that you bring to your customer, what problem will your product solve for your customer? Just talk about it, it’s that simple. Most of you are small business owners who are interested in their product or service so talk about it in a way to get other people interested.

Stop being so self centered, talk about what benefit your customer is getting.. not you!

Forget you I’m Out

I was told to share some knowledge on how to generate traffic to websites, but there are only two type of people who are reading this article.

First, there are those OAO, SEO, SEM, “ACRONYMS 4 LIFE” type of people… who cares what it is called! Just get people to the website and help the owner make more money. I don’t like those people!

Second, is the site owner who is still reading and did not go and post an article on their website…. You’re fired!

I’ll come back and spit knowledge after I calm down!

If you really want to go into some more detail this article is pretty good… but again pretentiously focused on acronyms: SEO is Dead. Long Live OAO.