You Need Our Custom CRM!

We've spent years helping companies customize big box CRM software like SalesForce, Oracle's Siebel CRM, and Zoho's Sales CRM.


The number one thing we learned is that most companies only use about 5% of the functionality that those expensive and hard to learn tools provide. So... we built an easy tool with just that 5%!


Our tool is also very flexible, so if you do need additional functionality we can build it in for you, no problem!


We also white-label our software for your company. When it's distributed out to your company the actual name of the software will be YourCompanyCRM, with your logo!



As custom developers, we've spent years helping companies tweak big box software like SalesForce to work exactly as they need.


Our Custom CRM solution was born from this experience. We learned that most companies only use about 5% of the features in a big expensive solutions, so we built a CRM that has those features and is very easy to customize!

Years in Production

Customers Who Went Back to Big Box Software


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Technical Notes

  • CustomCRM is white labeled for your company, the name of the app will actually be YourCompanyCRM!
  • CustomCRM can be accessed via a URL on a computer, tablet, or phone.
  • CustomCRM can also be deployed as an enterprise iOS or Android application.
  • CustomCRM has it's own authentication and management features, but can also use a solution like Active Directory or Okta if that is what your company uses.
  • CustomCRM can seamlessly integrate with your ERP, Accounting Software, POS system, website, or any existing software you have in place at your company.

Custom Reporting

We provide extensive reporting capabilities through our Custom CRM platform. Our of the box we have a flexible "Activity Report" that allows you to keep an eye on all users and their activities.


Custom CRM has the ability to send out weekly status updates to specific execs with a recap of the weekly activity.


Reporting is extremely important with keeping track of your sales team, so in addition to this activity report, most of our customers also have us build custom reports based on their specific needs. Since Custom CMR is so flexible, we can easily add in a custom report based on exactly what information you need to see.