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WordPress Basics – Widgets – Editing a Static Text Widget

The next very important WordPress skill you need to know is how to work with widgets. Widgets are a great…

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WordPress Basics – Simple HTML Tags for Amateurs or Beginners

I have searched around for a while and just couldn’t find a good article that shows the very bare bones…

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WordPress Basics – Editing a WordPress Page

To edit static WordPress pages, you must first sign into your WordPress dashboard (help). If you do not know what…

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WordPress Basics – Logging into Your WordPress Dashboard

First things first, you need to know how to log-in to your WordPress dashboard. Each WordPress website will have a…

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your blog post – Tutorial

Meta description, title, and keyword tags were made to tell search engines like google what your web pages are about,…

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Jack of All Thoughts – Killing Search Engines

One of Grover Web Design’s productions Jack of All Thoughts has been beating up other sites on the search engines.…

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