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10 Reasons Why You Need a Google Apps Guru for Company Email

5 Reasons Why you should use a Google Apps Reseller 1. No More Headaches -It’s my job to make sure you never have to deal with email/server headaches again. We set everything up properly and make sure you don’t have to deal with any foolish issues that take you all night to figure out, we do this everyday so it takes us 5 minutes! 2. Experienced In Migrations You can keep your current emails, a…

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Organizing Gmail with Labels

Get more done with an orderly inbox Where’s that urgent email from your boss? Right where it should be. Organize your inbox with labels like Important, Contracts or Newsletters. They work just like folders, but you can apply as many as you want to each message. Step 1: To create a new label, click More on the left side of your inbox, then select Create new label. Step 2: Apply your new label by selecting the checkbox…

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Best Email Campaign Tool

I am a big believer in utilizing WordPress plugins and customizing them a bit to become powertools for your business. You need to do it right though. Yeah, anyone could take these concepts and DIY it, but without the guidance of a WordPress expert you will either waste your valuable time wrapping your brain around these technologies or do a half-assed job and not get any benefit out of your new tools. The latest example…

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Bright Start – Delete an Image from a Post/Page

Believe it or not deleting an image from a WordPress post/page is harder than adding an image. It is important to only delete the code that you want to delete. There are three or four different styles of image code that you should look out for when deleting. Most important thing is the start and end of the image code just highlight from start to end and delete. Use the cases below as reference. Case…

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Bright Start – Adding a Picture on a Post/Page

You need to know how to add a picture to a WordPress post or page. Place your cursor in the location that you want to add the image, then select the add image icon as seen in the picture below After selecting this button the “Add an Image” dialogue will come up. From here you will choose “Select Files” which will allow you to select an image to upload. Once you choose an image it…

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Bright Start – Adding Testimonials – WordPress Tutorial

Adding testimonials to the website is as easy (if not easier!) than a blog post. The easy thing about testimonials are that they are usually just one to two paragraphs and if you have a picture one picture. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to add testimonials to your Bright Start WordPress website. If you have any questions please email me at: [email protected] Adding Testimonials: First, gather all your information for the…

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