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Now You See It – Now You Don’t – Hiding It with Graphic Design

If your from South Carolina (or know anything about college football) you will appreciate this story. One client had business in the upstate and in the Midlands of South Carolina. Their focal picture on their website was a cute young child decked out in USC Gamecock gear. Although, great for the Columbia area… not so great for upstate. Clemson fans would not appreciate it. I guess you have to really live in the area to…

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WordPress Basics – Widgets – Editing a Static Text Widget

The next very important WordPress skill you need to know is how to work with widgets. Widgets are a great way to bring your site alive with dynamic content like “Recent Posts”, “Photo Feeds”, and much more. They are pretty easy at times and pretty complicated at times. Since this is a “Basic” level tutorial, I will go through editing a Static Text Widget. To keep this tutorial as basic as possible we will assume…

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WordPress Basics – Simple HTML Tags for Amateurs or Beginners

I have searched around for a while and just couldn’t find a good article that shows the very bare bones HTML tags that amateurs should know when editing static WordPress pages or adding new posts. I am going to make this as simple as possible. The only tags you really need to know and use are: <ul>, <ol>, <li>, <h1>, <h2>, <p>, <em>, and <strong> The Paragraph Tag – <p> Yes, it is that simple,…

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WordPress Basics – Editing a WordPress Page

To edit static WordPress pages, you must first sign into your WordPress dashboard (help). If you do not know what a static WordPress page is then read this article: WordPress Pages. Once logged-in, navigate to your pages list. On the left hand navigation menu, select “Pages”. This will bring up a list of pages on your WordPress site. Scroll through and find the page that you wish to edit, select it to bring up the…

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WordPress Basics – Logging into Your WordPress Dashboard

First things first, you need to know how to log-in to your WordPress dashboard. Each WordPress website will have a semi-hidden “Log-in” link usually in the footer of the website on the right side (example in picture to the right). Click this link to take you to the Log-in page. If you do not see the link, then you might already be logged-in. Currently, when WordPress is logged-in you will see the dashboard menu bar…

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your blog post – Tutorial

Meta description, title, and keyword tags were made to tell search engines like google what your web pages are about, so the search engines can correctly direct visitors to or away from your site. Over the years people have abused these meta tags so much that they are not that important anymore. I still suggest using them, but do not harp on them too much. I, honestly, think the biggest value of meta tags is…

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