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27 Sep WordPress Basics – Editing a WordPress Page

To edit static WordPress pages, you must first sign into your WordPress dashboard (help). If you do not know what a static WordPress page is then read this article: WordPress Pages. Once logged-in, navigate to your pages list. On the left hand navigation menu, select "Pages"....

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26 Sep WordPress Basics – Logging into Your WordPress Dashboard

First things first, you need to know how to log-in to your WordPress dashboard. [caption id="attachment_144" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Log-in Link Example"][/caption] Each WordPress website will have a semi-hidden "Log-in" link usually in the footer of the website on the right side (example in picture to the...

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29 Aug You Have Content, So Show It Off!!!

The content on your site is king. If you don't have good content then people will not come to your site. The definition of content is different for every web site. A realtor's content is great property listings or invaluable real estate advice. For an...

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