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Building a Website Efficiently


Over the past decade developing websites, I’ve noticed that my most valuable skills have nothing to do with programming, design, or the web. I work with my clients to bring what they want to life, along the way I guide them with my technical knowledge, but ultimately it’s my job to create the website that they want. Helping clients to bring their vision onto the page is my responsibility.

Here are the high level steps you will take with Grover Web Design building your new website:

The Mockup

GWD will ask a few key and high level questions about how you want the site to look, a couple websites that you like and why, then also any images, content, or logos that you have.

One of our designers will build you a mockup. This mockup will simply be an image rendition of what the website will look like. You will receive a desktop and mobile version. This will help you get a feel for how the website will look on a desktop or phone. To look at this accurately, you should download the image and then zoom in to a normal website width for desktop or mobile.

It’s important to remember that this step is just to get the layout and general feel of the website down. We will fine tune the details of your site when we build it, this mockup does not have to be exactly what you want.

Initial Build

Once you approve the mockup, we will build it into a functioning website. The mockup gives us how we want the site to look and feel, but now as a website we can perfect every pixel for every device. At this point, don’t be scared if you see some “Lorem Ipsum” text. This is just placeholder information.

Implement Content

Now, we like to get all your content on the site. You cannot fine tune the site with fake content, so let’s get all the text, links, images, and logos on the site and nailed down to what you want to say to your visitors on each page.

Fine Tune

Next, we roll up the sleeves and fine tune the website. This means we go through every small detail that you want to perfect. We encourage our clients to be extremely picky at this point and make sure all the colors and layout is perfect. Try it on your phone, tablet, and computer, we will work together to make sure everything is perfect.


We really like to launch early and do another fine tuning session after the launch. At this point, everything will be functioning 100%, but you might have a few small content or style changes that you want to make. People are always motivated to do this when the site is actually live!

Fine Tune Again, Feedback, and Review

Lastly, we sort out any issues, iron out any kinks, and then make any updates that came up from people actually that actually used the site.

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