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WordPress Tips

Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses

Building a Website on a Budget is Subjective In my 15+ years of experience building websites for a variety of businesses and industries, I have learned that the price of a website is the most subjective aspect of the process. You would think that the actual design is the most subjective aspect, but it is definitely the price of the website. We pride ourselves on providing affordable web design for all of our clients, that…

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Do these 5 things for Social Media Success

First off, one thing you need to make sure you are doing is producing your own content. So many people just re-post other content. It’s OK to re-post periodically, but don’t turn your social media presence into a copy cat. Your followers need some original content. Great, now we know what we need to do, but how do we do it? How do we produce awesome original content that people will engage with. Check out…

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Get Your Visitor’s Email Address (Call to Action)

I’m going to keep this simple… if you are not collecting your visitors email address or getting in contact with them in some way, you are missing out on $$$. Email collection is just one example, the higher level topic here is creating a clear “Call to Action”. A call to action is exactly as it sounds, you are calling on your visitors to take an action. If your user takes an action on your…

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Check Out Our Job Application/Listing System

We may just be biased, but we think our Job Application/Listing System is the best one out there. We have had many clients who have the same gripe. It’s hard to handle job listings and applications on all of these job sites. Sometimes they want to just have it on their own website and actually have control of things! As with all our software, we built this plug-in in such a way that you will…

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But, WordPress Will Get Hacked?!?

This is one of those, “If I had a nickel for every time I heard…”. Everyone who is not familiar with WordPress or prefers another platform always throws out the “Ohhh WordPress, if you use that, you will definitely get hacked.” To give you the real answer to this, we need to first take a look at the numbers. WordPress accounts for 25% of the entire web… that is insane! Can you believe that 25% of…

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Password Protect A Page In WordPress

It’s so easy to password protect a page in WordPress. In the top right of your post/page editor. Just click “Edit” next to Visibility. This will bring up a new interface with a couple radio selectors. Pick “Password Protected”, then enter the password. Click “OK”, then Update or Publish the page. Boom… you are good to go, that content is protected. Come back to this interface to change or remove your password at anytime. It…

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