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Mobile Traffic Is Now Majority – Tuesday Tips

This should not be a surprise to anyone, we were on this path for a while now. It’s official, in early 2017, mobile traffic is now the majority of traffic on the web. Yes, mobile web traffic from smartphones has been the leader of all traffic source since about 2015, but now in 2017, it’s the majority. All other traffic sources add up to the same or less than phones, this includes desktops, tablets, TVs,…

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Building Online Trust – Infographic Breakdown

Building online trust is huge, it’s the digital equivalent to a smile or handshake before a deal is made. This is a great infographic to learn about building online trust with your users. Here is the full infographic, but I break it down below: Building Online Trust Source Analysis: I always start out by analyzing who made the infographic and if they have any bias that would cause them to skew the readers thoughts. GoDaddy created…

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Unapproved Instagram/Facebook Ads – Tuesday Tips

Ok, this week #tuesdaytips is simple… if your Facebook or Instagram ad is disapproved, just make a new one! Ok, you can leave now… but if you want some more details read on. Yes, when you first start out this is daunting, you worked so hard on an ad and now it’s disapproved. Sometimes they disapprove your ad for no reason or it was a mistake with the automated text reader. Don’t fret, just move on.…

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Use Beaver Builder – Tuesday Tips

Being a coding nerd I used to be totally against drag and drop style code builders. Most of them add too much code and cause more problems than they solve. But, my view has been changed by Beaver Builder. This isn’t something I just tried out last week, I’ve been using it for about a year now. Even for someone who can easily code up a page, Beaver Builder is great because you can focus…

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High End Web Design and Development is More Than The Look

Many small business owners and employees handling technology think that “High End” web design and development refers to to the look of your website. Most of our new clients talk about the look of our websites and how they like GWD due to the look of the websites in our portfolio. The “look” of the websites in our portfolio is a small fraction of the value we actually bring our customers. This is why we started…

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Collaborating for Results

5 minutes into our first meeting, I knew it was the right move bringing together c1films and Bright Start. It is always kind of scary to connect two business contacts and try to facilitate a deal between them. They are both my clients, so if things went south, it could affect my business. But, after 5 minutes I knew that was not going to happen. Frankie Marion of c1films is a master at extracting one’s passions. He…

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