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Bright Start – Adding Photo Sets – WordPress Tutorial

Your WordPress website has a NextGEN gallery plug-in installed to help you add, manage, and edit photo galleries.

This tutorial will show you how to create a new photo gallery and then post it to the photo section of your website.

First off, here are a couple things to remember. You should keep the amount of images in each photo gallery to about ten, because it flows good on the photo page (2 rows of 5) and so you dont burn yourself or your clients out. It’s better to have one photo set a month with 10 images compared to a giant 50 image photo set.

Also, you all need to be aware of the size of the images you are uploading to your photo galleries. Photo Editing with Gimp – read this… Important.

As a general rule, I base the size of images on the width. If it is a tall picture keep the width at 600px or less. If it is a wide picture the width can be up to 800px.

Add New Gallery

  1. Select “Gallery” on the bottom of your WordPress Menu Bar
  2. In the submenu that opens up select “Add Gallery/Images”
  3. Select the second tab “Add New Gallery”, add a descriptive name, and then click “Add Gallery”

Upload/Add Pictures to your New Gallery

  1. Back on the “Add Gallery/Images” section, you have two ways to add images: “Upload Images” or “Upload a Zip-File”. “Upload Images” adds them one at a time and is easier, so I will go through that method in this tutorial. If you can do this method and know what a zip file is, then I think you will be able to figure out that method!
  2. Make sure you are on the “Upload Images” tab
  3. First, set your “in to” location to be the new Gallery you just created
  4. Then, click browse and navigate to the picture you want to add
  5. You will see the picture name listed under the browse button, next you will click the “Upload Images” button
  6. The image will upload and create thumbnails, then put you back to the screen where you can add more images
  7. Repeat this process for all of your images, REMEMBER to set your gallery to ensure the images you add go into the right gallery

Manage and Customize Your Gallery

  1. In the left WordPress menu bar under “Gallery” the submenu should still be open. Select “Manage Gallery”, then, select the gallery that you just created
  2. This is the sort of home base for your gallery. You can add more pictures here or take some out
  3. From this page please not the “ID” of your gallery – – YOU WILL NEED IT LATER
  4. More importantly this is where you can add a description for your gallery and Titles/descriptions on each picture, this is good for SEO fill these with descriptive and relevant keywords
  5. Click the save changes button after you complete all your additions/changes

Add a “Photo” Post

  1. Select “Posts” from your WordPress menu, then select “Add New”
  2. This will bring up a blank post template
  3. First, set your “category” on the right side, select the checkbox next to “Photos”
  4. Then, set a descriptive and keyword rich title on your post (this will most likely be very similar to the title of your gallery, I know a little redundant)
  5. In the content area first put a paragraph about your photo set (again similar to what you wrote for a description on the gallery)
  6. Remember your paragraph code
      This is the description of your  
      new photo gallery
  7. Then, add your gallery (remember that ID??)
      [nggallery id='2']
  8. Lastly, click “publish” and go check out your wonderful work
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